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Nana’s Tough Love Lesson

Jewell Marceau

An Exclusive Perv Nana Jewell Marceau Scene

Rion has been awfully naughty, and his stepnana, Jewell, won’t have any of his bad behavior. She wants to teach him a tough lesson in love and will set him straight by any means necessary. Jewell puts Rion to work right away, but as soon as he gives her lip, she pushes him down on the bed and pulls his pants down. Jewell then does the unthinkable and puts Rion’s cock in her mouth. “Why the fuck is my nana sucking my cock?” Rion thinks to himself. He thinks he must be dreaming, but there was his stepnana going to town on his dick. The craziest thing of all was how much Rion was enjoying having his dick slobbered on by his stepnana. Rion had never had such an incredible blowjob before - his entire world was turned upside down. Jewell knows she can use her cunning and experience to get Rion to bend to her will. Jewell lets Rion pump her throat full of hot cum. She sucks down every last drop and leaves her stepgrandson in shock. It’s smooth sailing from there on out. Jewell has Rion under her thumb, and his transformation from troublemaker to sweet baby angel is immediate. Soon, Rion is doing the dishes, chores, and everything else that is asked of him. Jewell rewards Rion by letting him fuck her pussy. It was fucked up, but Rion hoped he would get to mess around with his stepnana again. He’d been dreaming of being deep inside of her, pounding her pussy raw, his throbbing cock pumping in and out, and now that dream was becoming a reality. Their relationship is better than ever, and now Rion is always excited to visit his stepnana.

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